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Other Training Courses

Instructor training  Refresher Training  Reversing and Parking

Advanced Driver Training (IAM, ROSPA)  Defensive Driving  Motorway Tuition

Eco-safe Driving

Instructor Training

We also now offer driving instructor training to those of you who feel that they would like to change their career. Phone us today for an informal chat and see what we can do for you

Experienced drivers, don't be embarrassed to take further driver training.

We offer training to experienced drivers wishing to improve their road skills.

Most experienced drivers would benefit from further training, even if you think your driving is excellent there are always improvements that can be made. Or maybe there are certain areas of your driving (or a family member) that you know needs improving, to that end we have a variety of courses for that very purpose, please see below for details. You can either arrange lessons to cover one subject or we can arrange a course to cover a few of the topics listed below.

Experienced drivers can benefit from driver improvement lessons such as those outlined below.

Refresher Training

If you have not driven for quite some time for whatever reason and maybe feel nervous about driving again or feel as though you have forgotten aspects of driving, then let us help you with some refresher lesson. We will discuss with you your needs and work out a course of lessons to suit

Reversing and parking

Do you find it difficult to reverse your vehicle or reverse park either into a parking bay or parallel parking between cars on the road. We can teach you how to complete these manoeuvres safely.

Advanced Driver Training

Even if you consider that your driving skills are excellent they can still be improved upon. Here at Five Star we can offer Advanced Driver Training, either for your own satisfaction in knowing that your driving skills are correct and up to date, or to take an advanced test to help with your car insurance and fuel consumption etc.

We offer training towards all three advanced tests, Diamond, IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists & RoSPA (Royal Society for the prevention of Accidents) Each test has a slightly different criteria, your instructor will advise you on the best option for you after your initial assessment. For further details please contact us. (An Advanced Course also makes a great gift if you are struggling for ideas)

Training consists initially of a two hour assessment drive after which the instructor will advise you on further training. Advanced training is usually conducted in the candidates own vehicle as part of the training is showing you how to get the best out of your own vehicle, in terms of fuel consumption and wear and tear. (school vehicle can be used by arrangement)

Defensive driving

Become a safer driver by learning about forward planning, observation and anticipation techniques. This subject is covered in the Advanced Driving Courses as above, but can also be covered as a separate issue if you prefer.


Although Motorways are our safest roads a large number of drivers find driving on these roads a daunting experience. We can help you overcome your fears and drive confidently on the Motorway by either arranging specific Motorway tuition or this can be combined with other aspects of driving within the Pass Plus course. (For details please "click" on our Pass Plus page for full info.)

Eco-safe driving

With fuel prices ever increasing are you getting the best mpg from your car.With eco-safe driving techniques you can reduce your fuel costs by up to 10% and minimise your environmental impact. Let us teach you how.

Although you may have been driving for many years, we can all learn new skills. As driving instructors with many years experience we are constantly evaluating and updating our methods to keep up to date with the latest teaching/ driving skills and vehicle technology. So don't be afraid to take further training.